Monday night was not a good night start. I haven’t slept again, I maybe having this transient insomnia. I had a lot of stress the past few days, maybe that’s why. I don’t even know if I can perform well here at work because my eyes and my mind are telling me to sleep. This is reoccuring quite often. Maybe I need medical advice or maybe I just worry too much. But I’m not worrying at all, just a lot of cluttered thoughts roaming around my psyche. I do hope that this will just be short-term, I don’t like the feeling either at mornings. I’m having mental exhaustion, I’m tired of thinking yet my thoughts are still very alive at night. I think I need medical advice or maybe I need to relax, go on vacation or something. I need to clear all the surface thoughts here. Is it easy? Of course not, it takes sometime.

God Bless me with Goodnight Sleep Tonight!