Possessed by an English Spirit

What the heck is going on here? Why am I in this body? But well, this body is donning uber handsome looks. But hell, I’m damn more friggin’ ravishing than this guy’s body. What am I doing here anyway, and I’m writing in his blog? I can’t even remember why am I here right now. I just drank a concoction of bleach, house cleaner and dishwashing liquid and walla! Here I am in this body.

So, what’s this doofus up to? He is just writing senseless craps all over his blog. Since I am here, let’s put a little sense in this. He sure has a lot of ideas though, but nonetheless, they are all empty. He never did write in english here, did he? Let’s put the “universal language” here, shall we?

You maybe wondering who in the world am I pestering the blog you are reading right now. I am not him, nor I am him. He (the author) has been transported into a world of chaos where sex and delirium collides. That’s what he likes in the first place anyway. I do wish I can join him there with all her sado-masochistic dream girlfriends yet I’m here in his body replacing his part as an artist and blogging here. Come back here you fool, I deserve to be in that place and live merrily in that haven of playboy girls! Geesh! Why do I have to be stuck in your body?

Oh well! This body is not bad at all. I have just possessed a demigod, how cool is that? I can even stick my lips on walls. I can conquer the world with all these powers I have right now, or maybe the whole galaxy. I will not allow him to be back here. I control this enormous powers and dashing good-looks so why should I return this to him. Sorry guys, he can’t return. He will not be back!

Jeepers! What’s this I’m hearing? Someone is calling my name. Someone is invoking my name. I can feel my soul detaching from the body I am in. What’s happening again? I can hear incantations of people I barely know. I can’t leave this body… I can’t… I’m a demigod… I won’t… I…


Aray ko. Ano ba itong nangyari sa akin? Parang nakatulog yata ako. Hala!? Ano ba itong naisulat ko? Ako ba naglagay niyan? Regal shockers! Umatake na naman pala siya. Pasensya na po, minsan kasi sinasapian ako. Mabuti na lang nakabalik kagad ako. Teka!? Ano ba talaga nangyari? Bakit may kaong ako sa undies ko? Kaya ayokong umaatake siya sa akin. Paano ako magpapalit, nasa office ako!?


Mga isipan at muni-muni na walang kwenta, kalokohan, kagaguhan, kabalahuraan, kaututan at katarantaduhan. Nilikha para sa mga isinasantabi pansamantala ang kanilang katinuan.

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