Possessed by an English Spirit

What the heck is going on here? Why am I in this body? But well, this body is donning uber handsome looks. But hell, I’m damn more friggin’ ravishing than this guy’s body. What am I doing here anyway, and I’m writing in his blog? I can’t even remember why am I here right now. I just drank a concoction of bleach, house cleaner and dishwashing liquid and walla! Here I am in this body.

So, what’s this doofus up to? He is just writing senseless craps all over his blog. Since I am here, let’s put a little sense in this. He sure has a lot of ideas though, but nonetheless, they are all empty. He never did write in english here, did he? Let’s put the “universal language” here, shall we?

You maybe wondering who in the world am I pestering the blog you are reading right now. I am not him, nor I am him. He (the author) has been transported into a world of chaos where sex and delirium collides. That’s what he likes in the first place anyway. I do wish I can join him there with all her sado-masochistic dream girlfriends yet I’m here in his body replacing his part as an artist and blogging here. Come back here you fool, I deserve to be in that place and live merrily in that haven of playboy girls! Geesh! Why do I have to be stuck in your body?

Oh well! This body is not bad at all. I have just possessed a demigod, how cool is that? I can even stick my lips on walls. I can conquer the world with all these powers I have right now, or maybe the whole galaxy. I will not allow him to be back here. I control this enormous powers and dashing good-looks so why should I return this to him. Sorry guys, he can’t return. He will not be back!

Jeepers! What’s this I’m hearing? Someone is calling my name. Someone is invoking my name. I can feel my soul detaching from the body I am in. What’s happening again? I can hear incantations of people I barely know. I can’t leave this body… I can’t… I’m a demigod… I won’t… I…


Aray ko. Ano ba itong nangyari sa akin? Parang nakatulog yata ako. Hala!? Ano ba itong naisulat ko? Ako ba naglagay niyan? Regal shockers! Umatake na naman pala siya. Pasensya na po, minsan kasi sinasapian ako. Mabuti na lang nakabalik kagad ako. Teka!? Ano ba talaga nangyari? Bakit may kaong ako sa undies ko? Kaya ayokong umaatake siya sa akin. Paano ako magpapalit, nasa office ako!?

25 Replies to “Possessed by an English Spirit”

  1. Neil says:

    OMG, you f*cktard… an English Post? UNBELIEVABLE! that was so… ugh… perturbing of you, alan. What happened to you? Did you digest my uber long article too much or you’re just word tripping and all?

    And hell, this is, I guess, my very first English comment on your blog. Hahahahah!

  2. Neil says:

    And oh.. demigod? STFU, alan. You’re turning yourself into a porcupine egotist. Minimize your megalomania/superiority complex/narcissism for my super delicious body, you pimpsqueak.

    Hahahahaha! Grabe, pinatawa mo ako. At nainis at the same time. ^_^

  3. kahla says:

    nakaka nose bleed naman ang english mo. haha

    nga pala pwede bang sabihin nagtatampo ako at nde moko binata nung bday ko?

  4. looks like you didn’t enjoy too much that world where sex and delirium collides.. made you come back too soon.

    split personality can be cool for some people. whoever this guy is, me thinks he needs to blog as well.

  5. juice says:

    Now this is what I’m talking about. Come back, come back whoever you are!!!

  6. Billycoy says:

    kahla > sorry, belated happy birthday, kaya pala kahla, kasi independence day

    teka, summon ko muna siya para magreply sa inyo…

    neil > sorry, but i’m not a porcupine egotist… i’m an egomaniac hedgehog

    the philosophical bastard > if only the owner permits me too, i will be back here… i’m blogging anyway, in hades.

    juice > sorry, i have to go again. i have been unsummoned again.

  7. Arlo says:

    Teka, bakit ka sinasapian? Alam ko nakaka-alis lang ang mga kaluluwa sa katawan sa pamamagitan ng yoga. Nag-yoyoga ka ba sa office? Baka naman nag-iisip ka lang ng joga? Hmm.. Delikado yan. Teka, nagkakilala na ba kayo ng English spirit na ‘yan?

  8. YNA says:

    He’s not bad at all. I mean, the guy who possessed you. I wanna meet him!

    Pwede ba? Ahaha

  9. Anonymous says:

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  10. chuchay says:

    ang lakas mo talaga…..


  11. Billycoy says:

    arlo > joga nga yata nakita ko kaya nabasa ang undies ko

    yna > hindi ko nga kilala ang sumapi sa akin eh, baka kilala mo.

  12. Jhed says:

    Si Agent Grey ba ito?!

    My gaaaaad. My Jessica/Niki experience ka na?! LOL.

  13. Prudence says:

    If you’re having a Jessica/Niki Sanders experience, sino ang si Jessica at sino si Nikki? Hehe.

  14. Micaela says:

    Magbisaya ka nga sa susunod dong

  15. you’re retarded.

  16. bulitas says:

    puro ka kaong. puro ka kaong! adik ka kombatron! adik. haha.

  17. yatot says:

    (in british accent mode) splendid, isn’t it? i have come to realise that the queen herself has summoned this creature that possessed you, wholeheartedly… indeed, this “creature” whose behaviour is apparently non-existent has been reportedly just soiled himself after eating some fertiliser… maybe that’s reason for you having this bloody “kaong” in your underpants…

    perhaps, the queen might be gladly to see him (the other persona) running around her kingdom without thy clothes on… a thing rightful for those who mistakenly identified themselves as billycoy! well… this is far much better than throwing this creature into a filthy dungeon and accept some guillotine, perhaps…mmay i add that the queen herself has thwarted this decree…

    i just also realised that this commentary from the great duke of buckingham is quite long… indeed! marvelously, i might as well be on my way to hogwarts, indeed!

  18. Billycoy says:

    jhed > ikaw talaga jhed, ini-issue mo kami ni agent grey… we’re just friends!

    prudence > ako si DL!

    micaela > ilocano na lang ga.

    yatot > na-meet mo na ba ang bio-dad ko? sumpain siya kamo!

  19. yeye/irish says:

    ano na namang kabalbalan to ah.

    combatron adik. tama ka bulitas, hahaha

  20. niknok says:

    kala ko tuloy naligaw ako at may konyong nanggaya ng blog mo!

  21. @Yatot, righto my good man.

    @Billycoy, Jolly good show i must say! Jolly good.

    Hahaha. Astig tong postmo na ito. Sana nga lang meju hinabaan mo pa. hahaa.^_^ nabitin ako e.

    Teka. Ano ung kaong? Dum dum dum duuuuum!

  22. Billycoy says:

    niknok > don’t worry nakabalik ako.

    karlo > kaong di mo alam? c’mon! ganito yan, kapag napanaginipan mo yung pinagnanasaan mong babae tapos paggising mo ng umaga… poof! may kaong na sa undies mo. Yun ang kaong.

  23. yatot says:

    ano ba… ikwento pa kung papaano gumawa ng kaong! hahahha

  24. Pragments says:

    Wow, Ingles. Ako’y writer ng isang Tagalog blog din. At mabuti naman at hindi pa ako sinasapian. Sana wag. Waha. Actually may English blog ako. Pero masarap mag-Tagalog! Buti hindi ka nilagnat after mong msapian.

  25. Oooo… ung pala ung kaong! hahaha. hindi ko talga alam pare koy. hahaha.

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